Providing fast, effective and cost-efficient contracts services for the publishing industry

Individually tailored services | Pragmatic, hands on approach | Unparalleled experience

We speak Contracts

We advise a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas, including publishers, packagers, literary and licensing agents and unagented authors and illustrators.

  • Supplying contracts and associated advice for
    • all types of publishing in English or translation for any territory: fiction/non-fiction, adult/children’s books, reference works/educational titles
    • film, TV, dramatisation, merchandising and allied rights
  • Providing training/mentoring
  • Covering annual/maternity/paternity leave for contracts personnel
"Contracts People understand publishing from the inside out, bringing the kind of commercial nous to their work that one simply doesn’t get when using lawyers. They are, however, every bit as rigorous and clever as the best lawyers. As far as I can see this makes them unique in our industry. The combination of intelligence, speed, huge experience and great communication skills that they bring to the table is truly impressive. And to top it all, are great fun to work with!"

Clare Pearson, Eddison Pearson Limited